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Newtek is focused on developing a mutually beneficial relationship with TechExec partners. NewTracker is one of the keys to forming and maintaining this partnership.

The Newtek referral system, NewTracker, is an online tool used to submit, receive and track referrals. The system is used for all Newtek products and services and is designed to be efficient, organized and user friendly. It streamlines the process for Newtek's TechExec partners and facilitates communication by eliminating the need for fax machines and paper trails. All information needed to submit and track referrals is available online in real-time.

TechExec partners log into NewTracker and submit referrals for any or all of Newtek's services. Basic contact information is provided along with a brief description of the customer's requirements. Any specific information about the customer that the TechExec partner thinks would be helpful should also be included. The best time and number to reach the customer may also be provided. Referrals can also be generated from co-branded forms on TechExec partner websites.

When the appropriate Newtek Business Services Specialist receives an opportunity, the Specialist updates NewTracker with each conversation or milestone, allowing Tech Exec partners to quickly access information on the progress of their client at Newtek in real-time throughout the sales process.

NewTracker has a built-in hierarchal structure that can be customized for any organization. Managers can effectively monitor employees' workflow by overseeing their referrals and by utilizing the built-in customized reports.

NewTracker provides organizations with a turn-key solution to expand current offerings to include a suite of high-quality business services. Simply log on, submit a referral and let Newtek do the rest. Track the progress of a referral 24x7x365, and when it successfully closes, a notification email is sent to the referring party and a referral fee is paid.